I remember two dreams.

Eminem, I remember he was there with me, that's it.

I do not remember being in that dream. It was about a crime or some sort I think. Dr Phil was there too for an investigation. A woman made up a story about a friend of hers being kidnapped so that they would stop asking her questions and think she was part of it. Dr Phil ended up a phone to practice talking to the kidnappers and she was slow talking and he said sarcastically that her friend would be in big trouble and everyone laughed (they were all in a house and the laugh were from his studio - i suppose since i never saw it). Then that woman ended up on a table in his studio naked where Dr Phil was examining her. Then he went to get another woman who was Carmen Electra but she refused to go there naked and she ended up in that table in underwear surrounded by wigs and pieces of hair extensions. She was asked about it and she replied that putting hair extensions of different colors for different days did not made her a criminal (or she said a suspect or both - that dream was weird and i barely remember it).