Spent less than nine hours in bed. Had an average night. Remember three dreams.

I was searching for an appartment to rent without telling my parents. I found one that I could afford and while we were running errands I asked my dad to drive me at the address of it and I told them an excuse to go there and said it would not be long. It was a 4 1/2 that was 400$ with electricity included. I looked at it and it was nice, clean and the rooms were big. I was surprised that rent was so low so I asked many times in different ways if there was a catch and if it was for real and it was so I said I take it and he accepted. I wanted to wait to tell my parents until the moving day to not have them ruin it for me and I even wanted them to not know my new address but for that it was too late. I was so excited when I came back out that I told my dad (for some reason my mom was not in the dream for that moment) I showed him and he was disappointed that I did not told them about my plan so I told him why. My mom back back in the dream to ruin it for me but I cannot recall the rest.

Bradley Cooper found it sad that a man (he seemed to have autism or something like that) was still a virgin at his age so with another man he talked him of having sex finally. Bradley is the one who did it, he started slow so that the man would not freak out and it went well until a bunch of men join in, there were close to ten men and they were all in a line having sex with each others. When the virgin man realised this he stopped and Bradley did not understood why he stopped. I think at the end they started having sex again just Bradley and the man to finish but again I cannot recall the rest.

This one came back to me after I got up, I just recall one part and I don't even remember when I had it so it may not be the last. My mom came to ask me for some incense, she then showed me the oven and explained that when she was cooking something some had came out the pot into the oven (at the top not inside) and she did not realised it when it had happened and it had like cooked on the oven and it stank real bad. I also remember not really wanting to just give one stivk of incense and either not not smelling the bad odour or saying I did not smelled it for an excuse to not give my incense away.