I remember one dream.

The bathroom was in my brother's room and it was also the living room. I went there to do my morning routine and dad was there watching The Thing dubbed. I was trying to hurry up and get my things to do that elsewhere (in that dream we also had a second bathroom where the other beauty routine was done) but for some reason even if I did not have anything extra I could not get everything at once, while trying I said outloud how come that is not working today. I tried getting the first things out but some fell on the ground and I just threw everything else on the ground and started smashing and hitting things. Dad at one point told mom to help me (with almost a sarcastic voice - at least with a i do not really care tone) and she was not moving. On the ground there was also laundry and I was trying to calm myself to get everything out because that dubbing was driving me insane and like usual both my parents were not caring at all that I was crying and in distress.