I remember one dream.

I was watching MasterChef and I became hungry then I decided to put something in the microwave when commercials started and to go get it during the next commercials but then I thought that I had a few things that were for three minutes so I thought that I could heat it then come back before the commercials would be over but I decided to go get it during the next commercials. But for some reason not only did I not get the food but during the last commercials I went outside to walk and when I came back it was over but they decided to add a few seconds and I changed the channel because I had missed the last part before that. So I was angry against myself because of that plus I was tired but I looked at the schedule and it started right after on another channel so I figured that this would be okay to wait for what I had missed but not later. American Idol was on and I did not want to see Jennifer Lopez but instead of just muting it I changed the channel then I realised it was stupid and that would get me to again miss the end. That's all I remember (i either woke up or it ended there or i simply do not remember the rest).