I remember two dreams.

I met a girl, she was close to being a teenager. She asked me if I wanted to be her friend and I hesitated at first but she looked so nice and in need of a friend that I agreed. I remember going to her place a lot and another girl about her age that we did not really liked, I also remember we complaining about Harper.

I ended up in the same place of Harper and I did not want to lose the opportunity to tell him what I really think of him and what he has done, what he is doing and what he will do. People around me knew what I wanted to do and they were all scared but not me. I was able to end up face to face with him and I made sure to look him straight in the eyes and after he saw that I was not scared I told him what I wanted to told him. He tried and the goons around him tried to shut me up by scaring me but it did not work so he finally made a sign to stop me but Justin Trudeau ended up there before the sign and he stopped the goons from doing whatever Harper wanted to do to me. We ended up friends then lovers. We of course were making sure nobody would learn that so he did not lose the elections.