I remember three dreams.

I on a website that was a group of puzzles of SpongeBob. You had to do all them to win but after a while what you were able to do would disappear if you took too long with the others. For a while I woke up from that dream (with heart burns) and then for a few seconds or minutes I fell asleep again to continue that dream.

I was walking or bicycling or rollerblading around the Saint-Hubert neighborhood. I think I was either visiting or back living there because in it I thought to myself I had not done that enough while living there and I also remember people thinking to themselves or/and saying it to me or/and aloud that I would never do it but I did, I even went to places I never went before while living there.

My parents were leaving for what I thought was just a few hours (we were living in that Saint-Hubert house). I was awake before they left and I waited until I thought they were gone to get up but I realised that they were not gone when I got up. Dad was outside and mom too but she came back. I saw that she had done a lot of laundry and cleaning and I went to start the dryer and she said no I will do it and I told her that I knew how to operate a dryer and she told me that it was because these towels were dry. Then she told me that they would come back some time Friday and we were Wednesday so I was happy then I said if I would of known I would of bought more food while in the grocery store yesterday and she told me that I could go back there with dad before they left. Then she went to the bathroom and I thought to myself that they would come back later if I did not have an appointment that Friday and I was thinking of canceling it to have more peace time. Mom took what seemed hours in the bathroom, I told myself that I should air it out to let the stink out or just do my morning beauty routine where the shower was.