I remember four dreams.

All I remember is that it was about Michael Schumacher and his caps.

I heard a loud noise and it woke me up (in real life), I have no idea if that noise was for real or in my dreams but it was loud, I got up to see upstairs and I found nothing (still nothing when i got up), there was less than two hours left before the alarm clock went on and of course I only fell back asleep a very short time just to have weird dream and to get me tired.

Mom was complaining in the kitchen about her dying over this house so I was trying to explain her that there was just yard work to do and the yard work she did not have to do that or at least not that much then she started whining about the house and I told her that I would soon stop being so lazy and that I could clean it all in one day then she said that she should leave dad and we could find another place to live with and I laughed and said if I am going it will be alone then she started complaining angrier and I tried to explain my age and that even if we would have no problem all three that I would still need to have my own life and she did not care.

I went to either look or walk on the beach. It looked different than here. It was higher and with small waterfalls. It was with some ice and snow. There were lots of Ducks mostly babies. When I was looking down at the waterfalls I realised that a rock was looking like it was an animal then I saw more and more, I was going to go get at least one then I realised more were elsewhere and that it was real skeletons. It was Crocodiles and other animals.