I remember two dreams.

All I remember is me either watching or trying to find my Hockey game and my dad from upstairs screaming that it was also in French.

I only remember the end or most of the end. I or another woman (did not look like me) was in a huge building that was haunted by an evil spirit. I or the woman was trying to make the spirit feel like I or the woman was on that spirit's side. It looked like it worked but either the spirit found out it was an act or it just did not cared because it made sure the building and everyone in it and everything and everyone around it was destroyed. The mother of the woman or my mom (her too did not look like my mom) came back as a surprise or feeling things were not going great, she ended up trapped in a huge luggage that had other things and she survived a long time trapped in it. The last thing I remember seeing was that luggage with the woman or my mom trapped in it falling down and hitting something really hard which broke the woman's or my mom's back.