I remember two dreams.

I had to have a mastectomy to both of my breasts but during the same operation they would completely take what was inside and then put the implants in them. I was warned before that I could end up with an hernia and the doctor was explaining all kinds of hernias. I wanted him to stop since I was already so scared. I woke up from my operation and I was not that much in pain and it went all fine. My new breasts were bigger than they were but not that much. Not that long after the operation I started to hurt and it was an hernia. It took a long time for help to arrive then they took a long time to get me in the ambulance then it was taking a long time to arrive at the hospital. It started to hurt more and more and towards the end I was screaming in pain non stop and loudly. One of the man there said we should give her pain medication and the others did not want to because we were close to the hospital but he insisted and I finally had some pain medication. After that operation I was surprised with ten gifts from many people and the best was a vacation in an RV with them (others included a shopping spree and things like that).

Michael Schumacher had to have an operation but (do not remember if he had it or not before he did that) he also had stolen millions of money so him and one of his kids (son) ran away. I learned about it and said to myself why did he do that he is so rich but I wanted to protect him just like before his operation I wanted him to come here so I could take care of him.