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I only remember one dream.

I went to a movie theatre (it looked like a classroom) and I started to draw things on a white board, the room was packed with people. I draw a rectangle and put the numbers of the rectangle then I started explaining that after calculating the weight and height of human beings that this rectangle would be for every human being (very small room that would be even for a child) and that it was the same for every animals held captive for the entertainment of people.

well goodness! smile

This may or may not make you feel good. I'm actuallly intrigued!

In 24 hrs. I've had 3 separate people LITERALLY say to me, (you're the 4th).

"I had a dream I was in a theater and it was like a classroom..."

There are some variations, but you guys are explaining similar dreams.

Anyway, it almost reminds me of the 11:11 thing.

These people don't know eachother or live separately, like a relative far away or friend, no not friend, but aquaintence..

Anyway, they're sitting in a theater, watching something more than a movie, like a class-room. It's more serious than when we'd go to the movie.

There's this mathmatical equation w/in a square that represents, how something is done that relates to everyone, everything...

Personally, don't think yours was an average dream.

I had one too, but mine came with an added word when I woke that was echoing.

In it, the same theater-theme, the same equation, but I was irritated by it..."I said, ARE YOU S**** me?"


Every single solitary race, ones we're just now finding out about have had oppression, this is a bunch of... and you're just prolonging something we should have gotten past a long time ago!"

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