I remember two dreams.

I was a contestant on Masterchef. One day I had to drive a car with Gordon Ramsay in it and drive to where I was living before the show started filming. It was a long drive and I asked him if he could drive and he said no. We ended up in a port where shipping containers are. My place was one of these. I said that it would be impossible to find it since all of the containers were changed since I went away to do the show but he was able to find it. Then I was supposed to find things in the container that had been my home.

Dad was about to open his television and I said I will make some phone calls for the appointments I need. I did it, the last place when I was waiting for the secretary to give me what was available she said a really bad joke so I did not laugh still waiting and after laughing a long time (her laugh was idiotic and mean at the same time - i also had the impression my parents too were laughing - they were near me but not laughing) and finally she gave me a few dates and hours and I picked mine then I said that I would take an appointment for dad too, he was angry but mom said that he needed it and I took his appointment then hung up. I told him when his was, I did not took the same day as me because mine was late.