Hey there, Elleise. smile

I'm glad you validated my feelings about your husband. I can see him moving in important circles, championing a cause. His appeal will be that he is a hard-working American with something to say. Unsure as to what his platform will be. He needs to choose that for himself. It will be something he feel strongly about, something that he feels he needs to stand up for when no one else can or will. It will represent fairness to the common people.

As to his dream--LOL--it speaks of him really wanting things "quick and easy." Nourishing himself just enough to get by. Doughnuts are sweet but lacking in true nourishment.

Instead of going to the farms, the grocer, for sustaining food (satisfying, fulfilling spiritual nourishment), he'd rather just jump in and out of a convenience store for a sugary treat. He can keep himself satisfied with life that way. The clerk insists on asking for his ID and he refuses. He'd really rather live an anonymous, peaceful life instead of one thrust into the public eye. He may hesitate jumping into the political arena because he is well aware of the sacrifices. It will take enormous energy and require becoming thick skinned in the line of fire from opponents.

This dream shows me that he will continue to resist going into local politics. That is fine. That is his choice.

Now, as to what you said about me. Well, of course, you're on target as usual. First, I DO have a straw mat at my back door. LOL. But lately, I've received messages that I am being a "doormat" in life. haha. Even my cards revealed this again and again. Ten of swords.

Anyway, I have been feeling stuck lately and made a decision not to pursue my metaphysical studies. I pulled back on my mediumship, reiki, etc. After some pretty incredible messages and signs that I was going to get some spiritual help in these matters, I just stopped going forward.

Slate is a stone upon which you can write. I am, indeed, shutting off my writing and communicating messages from spirit.

My son had a very traumatic experience on Friday and it tore me up. It made me question everything I thought I knew about God. The suffering humans go through...I thought I understood it.

I'm sorry you felt pain. I had been sleeping on a tiny couch in the living room to be near by son and daughter who both slept there. I was so stiff and sore in the night and you probably felt my pain.

Elleise, I am going to PM you about this. Thank you so much for sharing your dream about me. I love you!

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