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I agree Lori,

Even with the dream journal, sometimes you're just so sleepy, and the dream itself, it can be so intense, you're certain you won't forget it, lol, which well...you or I at least usually do until - it happens again.

The ones that repeat themselves (btw u'v been missed and I purchased ur book, too. I have to listen though instead of read).

But anyway, my dreams lately have been almost alchemic? If that's a word. They're almost a cross between precognitive and equations I have to look up.

For example, the last dream I remember, my husband went to class at 11:00 am (his schedule hasn't been set yet) and I was mixing herbs.

You were in this one though, but it was that same dream I wrote about already here. There were a group of people around a table and a book was written. It wasn't a little book either, but one almost like an encyclopedia confused

I would say that you spirit leaves your body every night and that what is being worked on is not limited to time or space, but it is being done in the etheric octave and may or many not be brought down into physical manifestation.

Alchemical is the correct word you have used for this work.

I hope I can help.

I have beseeched and have been granted an open schedule by the universe free from the constraints of human mortal time.

I sit and I think.

All of the necessary physical means of survival have been provided by twisting and turning and writhing of a universe travailing in new birth.

I live in a coastal area, and all could be leveled in a flash.

I really have no desire to physically survive nor have I taken but the minimal precautions.

I live for the spirit, yet family arguments as my parents aged and eventually went though the transition called, 'death'. have taken a heavy toll upon Connie and me -- although our spirits are youthful, our physical bodies have aged decades because of the repeated institutionalizations and incarcerations that I have gone through.

The greatest blow inflicted upon me after an heated argument with my now deceased middle brother where he claimed that I hit him physically when I did not.

He was in The Navy and had a good rapport with the police so I was lied upon and jailed yet once again.

I have a mental illness that I'm trying to resolve spiritually.

Forgive me for blabbering, but going through several mental institutions and incarcerations have been thoroughly debilitating and I really am disabled because I cannot function in the outside world.

Not poor, poor, pitiful me...

But, more like the UnAbomer without the desire to hurt or kill anyone:


I do have a mental illness that prevents me from being fully socially integrated, yet I can maintain minimal adult responsibilities.

Forgive me for my cry for help, but my parents and live-in uncle are no longer with us, and Connie and I, are the only ones left to care for there property.

My rage was directed within and I have had psychosis many times.

-- Burt B.