I remember one dream but only some parts.

I was underground and there was a lot of people and that place was huge. Donald Trump was there and he was being like he usually is so I guess that it was he who built it. I do remember being with that idiot Donald Trump with other people looking around, some parts looked like we were in a train (more than a feeling really), some parts looked like it was a shopping mall and the rest looked like buildings (mainly of business...cant remember seeing and feeling appartments). Suddendly we were able to be attacked with snakes and I was able to stop that from happening and while I was explaining to the people that closing everything from the surface to stop the snakes from coming in would not stop the oxygen some wondered how would we get out. So I was trying to figure out to gte out when everything exploded, there was fire and people flying in the air. I was in a room with glass so I could see the people flying and the explosion, the fire was coming my way and for a few seconds I thought that the glass was anti-explosion but of course it was not. The glass exploded and the fire came in and the people in the room went flying in the air and I did try to protect myself but for some reason I was not even touched (if i was i dont recall and it did nothing to me) by the explosion. After it was all over I was walking around and people were dead or seriously dead. I did not stop to help anyone, my goal was to go get help.