Wow, Nancy. It's unusual for you not to recall your dreams. Did you wake up abruptly?

Most of your dreams reflect your current situation with your parents but one of your recent dreams about the new house was different. And it was positive in that it indicates how you are making those changes that you hoped would help you become a new person and live a new life.

Walking through it naked represents how you are stripping off any pretenses with yourself to see yourself as you are. Covering yourself near windows and doors, though, indicates you do not wish to reveal that much of yourself to others just yet.

There is a part of you that fears being taken advantage of by others or being forced to do what you do not wish to do, although you often end up going along with things while holding great resentment towards those who force things upon you. Rape as a dream symbol isn't always a sexual meaning but if you sense that this is sexual in nature, fearing being raped by a big man can point to some anxieties about the opposite sex. That perhaps, you are not ready for a relationship or that one may be forced upon you.

But when you see that this big figure of a man is actually a bunch of women selling you Valentine's Day gift, some models, some celebrities...well, this becomes very interesting. This seems to indicate that you subconsciously feel all this "love and romance" nonsense is being peddled by television personalities, movie actors, and advertising models. That they are trying to "sell" you on buying into the love and romance and making getting into a relationship more appealing to you.

At least that is what the symbols seem to say. smile