Spent less than twelve hours in bed. Had a bad night, spent hours trying to fall asleep due to a huge headache (felt more like an arthritis attack on my skull) but after I was sleeping I woke up once (that i remember of) after 9:00 for a short time then fell right back asleep, took me a while to get up because I was still in my last dream (the dreams with him are sadly always short!!!!!!!!!!). I remember three dreams (the second could of been the first.i only remembered it before getting up).

In the first I was watching a comedy but after a while the comedy turned to a drama when the lead female character realised her child was missing.

In the second I went to my asthetician for my waxing appointment. Turns out that she was replaced with an old friend of mine.

In the last I went to a place where a big important play was happening. The three main actors and their family and friends could entered via three moving glass doors, I was a close friend of Michael Fassbender that was in the play so I went through his door. I was very proud of that, lots of people around were looking at me thinking that I would be caught but I went through. When I entered there was another door with a security guard where I gave a card to prove that I really was with Fassy and I entered where the play and everyone who had to do with it was. I said aloud the directions he had given me to find him. When I finally did I was going to scare him but he turned around before I was able to do it. I was like oh no you saw me and he was laughing. We hugged because we were happy to see each others.