Spent seven hours and fiftyfour minutes in bed. Had an average night. Remember one dream.

I was a bounty hunter, it looked like the old west mixed in with now. I found the man I was looking for in a presbytary. He thought that was funny when he saw me and realise I came for him. I kept on shooting him and at first he blocked the bullets with many things but he started to get tired and not me, at the end he had two liters bottles of sodas to block my bullets and I shot him a few times. He finally said okay you got me and went and sit down, I started looking around to see what was the deal there and checked on him a few times. I learned that a young (teenager) woman had gotten that house after the people who onwed it died. Then it was like we were looking at a sheet of actors that would be playing in a television show, I could hear the comments of fans, one was especially excited that Rihanna (thankfully i did not see her...i hate her) was having a baby but then they saw the baby was white. Then it was back where I was but now I was the one (i think) who had that presbytary but I looked like a girl in my family, I heard some people think why they gave it to her and not someone older in the family and then another thoughts saying that one of them was an handicap and taht he could not handle it. My parents were there and so is another cousin of mine and his two kids.