I remembered three dreams when I woke up but soon after I only remembered two.

In one dream my parents have moved out and left me the house. I invited Toby in (a neighbors dog). After I invited Toby and his mommy, I showed her the house and told her what I would do and then we went into the kitchen where I had made a meal, Toby also had a plate of everything I had made. A few days later (or the next day) we went to visit a waterfall, I was driving what looked to be my car. What is weird about that dream is that at first it looked like our old house but it turned into our house when it was Toby and my neighbor visiting.

In my last dream I went where they give swimming lessons and I asked questions about them (it looked like where the waterfall [from my dream....technically we went where 1 is {less than 1 hour from here..never went there} but it looked like another place] is). I ended up giving my name for private lessons.