I remember two dreams.

My mom decided to go shopping. Not too long after she left I left too (both on foot). She was not happy to see me and I told her okay then let's act like you do not know who I am. I went shopping by myself very angry and sad. She after a while came where I was and she was trying to be funny but she was not apologizing. I was ignoring her.

I was driving a road surrounded by a cliff and water, after a while it was water on both sides. Suddendly big waves appeared and I was swept by one. I was able to almost immediately get out of my car and then get to the road (did not see i did it - i was not that far from the road but i still had to swim which i cant and could not in that dream too). There were still lots of big waves coming from both sides. Two men had come to help me, they wanted me to enter one of their cars and I refused because I was too scared. One of the men okay let's all go into those tall trees which we did. These trees looked like they were dead, they had a few branches but enough for each of us to take one. A woman came and she wanted us to know what we wanted to eat and drink. She was angry at me because I was too scared to answer. I finally came down to explain that the reason why I did not want to enter a car again is that is swept away and could not get out it could take a long time before water would enter the car while swept away alone we at least would die faster.