Spent less than seven hours in bed. Had a good night. Remember one dream.

I was going to go to the living rooms but I was going to enter through the other door (i usually go through the door that is right next to the stairs...the other 1 is right next to the kitchen) and I saw that my mom or dad had closed the extra door (my mom put in some old blankets and sheets there and she wants it there until the renovations are over...we only have to do the kitchen & downstairs hallway & stairs & stairs that leads to the attic but no money so i would be very surprised if it gets done 1 day...these things gets closed when food is cooking in the kitchen or when theres something that makes dust or whatever else she does not want as a smell or anything else in the living rooms) and that made me angry because I just was up and they had not been up for a long time so I was thinking that this should not be closed (i remember seeing 1 tiny part not fully closed on the right side of the floor) so I went to check on the other side if it was closed too.