I remember one dream.

It was two men and one woman stuck on an island. The two men did not really like each others and with every day they hated each others more and more. One of them went working and the other was supposed to go help him, he went anyway because afterall they were all stuck there maybe until death. He could not find him and the other was angry that he was not coming. He decided to do a few things when he was seeing things to be done while walking and everytime he did it and it was done he would scream a happy scream, the other was near and he heard it, he thought he was just doing nothing. After a short while the man searching the other ended up in the water and he was playing with whales then with dolphins. He was riding them and their waves and screaming like a kid while doing so but he soon realised that he was moving away from the island and it was becoming dark. He successfully swam back and he met with the other and they started running because it was dark. Then they were two men who were tourists and running away by a group of psychopaths wanting to kidnap them to torture and kill them. They ended up in a cave not too far from the water and the psychopaths were near. One motioned to other to go hide and he tried hiding under a rock but he knew he did not have the time to hide completely and he gave up and almost immediately was found, he had remorse about that since the other sacrificed himself for him.