I remember four dreams.

A woman had a Horse and she put him in a beautiful space where she went to see him and play with him every day. A man decided to make trouble for them. It ended up in court after she tried to stop him by herself then with the help of the cops. She was so fed up that before the decision of the court she decided to put him somewhere else. She asked him to follow and he did. They were both walking on a sidewalk and soon after they left the man appeared out of nowhere enraged and begin to attack the Horse. The woman did her best to save her him but when the man stopped he was dead. She was hysterical and there was blood all over especially her. She went back to court with blood still on her telling everyone what had happened.

I was on the internet trying to find a new place to play games. I thought about a website I had found not long ago but it did not appeared in my searches. I also wanted to know how the games looked but without playing any.

A group of person were walking all over and camping when they were tired. They arrived in a place where the people looked inbred and it had a really bad vibe like it was very dangerous. One of the man saw a woman and after a while he thought he knew her and sure enough it a woman that he once knew. Before she was beautiful but now she looked inbred. He tried talking to her but she did not say anything. There was a coach left outside where she was living and he ended up buying it for his house. He immediately put it inside his house when he arrived back there. He was talking with his son in that room like nothing had happened but that coach stunk a lot and that man even had the idea to sleep on it.

I was seeing myself doing my night routine but in two different places. The first I was camping in a forest and the second in my home that looked different from here. In both places I was happy because I was alone. The first it was a place without any people near and the second my parents were gone in a vacation.