I remember two dreams.

I remember only the ending which was (unless that was just it that i dreamed) a group of people were trying to get something away from Superman who had just woke up from either a long sleep or something else. It was batteries and when it was near him or/and on something that had electricity it would become lit so easy for Superman to find. A woman ended up alone with these batteries while all the others were trying to make him look elsewhere and be occupied. It looked like it worked but the batteries that the woman hid started to light up so she hurried and picked them up and tried to get out or where they were (seemed like a bus or train station) but he was in the exit room so she set up a bunch of papers on a table to act like she was selling something and when he was very busy she would go but some wind blew and all the papers were all over the place so she had to go before Superman could see what was up.

Gwyneth Paltrow was getting a divorce and it was happening on the show Roseanne (unless it was just the actors and actresses). Roseanne and then the others were trying to make her feel better, at the end she said that it would be the first time in five years that she would sleep alone in a bed and it made Jackie feel bad.