Spent nine hours and nine minutes in bed. Had a good night. Remember one dream.

That dream was about the show Bold and the Beautiful. I think it was not me watching the show and I do not remember if I was in it (if i was i did not look like myself). Brooke was very depressed, she looked bad and very sad (almost lifeless) but she was getting things done. At a conference (they were all in the audience waiting for their turn to speak) she was there with another woman, she put the card with the notes of what was supposed to be said on a chair or something near the other woman but she got up to leave and the note was left by itself, Brooke realised that almost immediately but when she got up to get it almost everyone else got up too and when she got to where the note was it was gone. She was still looking lifeless but she was freaking out over this. Then it was like an intervention. They all took their turn to talk and with a little smile almost laughing she said why don't you all say it that it's to get me out of the company, to get rid of me. They were all like no that's not it then she mentioned things from the past (things that happened on the show) and they all started acting like she was crazy. Then she asked about the tatooed woman, she had a small tatoo and that was all that she knew about her. She (i saw her too so she could not of been an invention of hers) was at the conference and she was sure she was in on it with them all. They all decided then that she belonged in a mental hospital. One had a syringe to put her asleep and they all started surrounding her, she tried her best to keep talking to not get that injection. At least one person was not agreeing with all of this. The mood seemed that they really thought she had gone insane (i did see the tatooed woman [1 tatoo really...a small 1 beneath the neck on the back...a dragon i think] sleeping with Ridge but that was when she was talking about her nad i think that part was that she said that he probably slept with her) but she just looked sad and depressed.