A few random people popped by again.

One was a very nice black woman, an elementary school teacher, who was ushering in a line of very young students into her classroom. She looked up and smiled at me. She takes her vocation seriously yet cheerfully and chooses to continue to teach in spirit.

Then, just a blip of an image of a man holding the leg of a mannequin. Quite odd. He is an odd-thinking spirit, for sure, but he is busy with his own endeavors.

Another woman's upper torso popped in. Older woman in her 70s wearing a red top.

This world is filled with spirits. I often wondered why they all didn't go into the light to pass onto the next world as most do. I wondered why divine assistance didn't just gather them all up, especially the little children who wander.

I was told that these spirits choose to stay for a variety of reasons. Even the little ones might fear moving on, even refusing the hand of angelic help. In time however, they all will move on...

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