I remember one dream.

I bought a gift card to a friend of mine who lives in Ste-Florence with a Golden Retriever. I put it in a card and for some reason a few days before my parents went to visit her which was them who was supposed to give it to her (not that adding it before they left was a good idea!!!!) I put ice cream with chocolate syrup on top of the envelop and of course it melted away (my idiotic idea was to add the card in the freezer in some type of bag so that the ice cream would taste ice cream) and ruined the card. So I decided to keep the gift card but I could not remember if it was for 20$ or 200$ and I realised that I could not use it, it was good for many stores including many near where I live but I did not realise when I bought it that it was only for a few places not all of them and that the stores that delivered did not deliver where I live.