I remember two dreams.

I was ordering things on Amazon. At least one was coming from Europe and a part of my post code was changed so I was trying to change it and it kept on coming back to a wrong one. So I tried ordering something else that would come from Europe and then it was more than my post code that was changed so I again tried changing it back to my real address. Then I figured after many attempts that maybe that was how they were seeing my address where they were.

Either me or another woman had to go to a castle. I or her was traveling with a few people. It looked and felt like the middle ages. Just when we or them were about to arrived me or her decided to turn back. I do not remember if the others who were with me or the woman followed or if we or them or me or her were followed by the people at the castle but I do remember that when that happened the people of the castle were not happy and so were the other people but they were more scared or/and concerned.