I remember three dreams.

I went back to Ste-Florence to get revenge on the people who had set our house on fire. I was dressed all in black and I had put black makeup and a black scarf on my face and did it at night. I had my route all planned out. I set the fire very fast and was able to enter the village and get out without anyone seeing me. My get out route was through the mountains. The sun was risen when I was there getting out, looked like all the people living there was outside. Some parts had no trees (just the equivalent of like 1 or 2 trees) and I passed these parts very fast. At one point I stopped moving just to be sure nobody would spot me and it worked.

Me and a lot of my family were in some kind of reunion. My mom said that I never had seen something (she was talking about the first house of an uncle [in real life that place do not exist] where all the walls are gone but things were still there - we could spot where the chimney was and things like that) I remembered going there when very young but I did not say that. So the uncle who lived there drove us all there which scared me since he is supposed to take a lot of medication and has his head somewhere else. We ended up walking in a forest. Suddendly we came upon a Dairy Queen and I had a cheeseburger in it's wrapper in a bag (the bag they put the paper that stores gives out with their specials and items for sale). I was eating the cheeseburger like that in the restaurant (i only remember seeing 1 of my female cousin in that restaurant). After I finished I went to the garbage bins that was two bags, one for the dirty things and one for the clean things so I put the wrapper and the bag in the correct places (i made sure that people in the restaurant could see that i ate the cheeseburger from its wrapper not the bag who stank). Then I went on line to get an orange slushie. There I saw a Dove that looked just like Poupoutte (she died before a few years before we moved) and I knew it was not her but after a while I started talking to him (i knew it was a him) like it was her. He got on one of hand and then it was my turn to order. The menu said that orange were milkshakes which I do not like so I ordered a slushie and a woman gave me one from the freezer in a white plastic bag.

I was in the army and in a city fighting the monster in the last Godzilla movie. I was alone as far as soldiers goes, there were a few civilians here and there and when the monster was coming I went inside a building to hide and there was a few people there too. I ended up getting a message telling me to go get something that would kill the monster. I asked where was that place and a man (Russell Crowe) said that he knew where it was and that he would show me. Before that I had met Godzilla and he was an ally of mine. By the end a Dog was with me when we were trying to get to the place that had the thing that would kill the monster.