I remember one dream.

I went to the dentist and they had something for charity that gave free dentist services to poor people and I agreed to participate (they took pictures of our teeth and added it on a website - we had to have a huge smile for it). I forgot about it until I was on the internet and ended up on the website so I tried to find my picture and could not. Then it was time again to go to a dentist and I ended up in another one. It did not look like a dentist, when it was my turn the room was huge and besides the chair nothing looked like it was a dentist office. I had to open a small bottle of something and myself add it to my teeth, there was a small piece of plastic on top and I threw it in the recycle bin. The woman (old and looking like a nurse) was impressed and told me that it was so rare that patients recycled, she then told me the last time she saw that happening and it was a long time, she told me that this year I was the first (in the dream we were months into the new year). Then she started laughing telling me about a patient of hers that was a truck driver and he came during one of his drive, after his appointment he decided to stay in the parking lot to sleep a little and he ended up instead watching the Tampa Bay Lightning on a television and satellite dish he had installed in the truck (i could see it while she was telling the story - that truck looked more like an rv) and a man who hates that team drove by then stopped to yell outside the truck obscenities and while the man found this hilarious he then threw things then ran away. Then it was me who found links to pictures of the premiere of the next X-Men, I immediately spotted Michael Fassbender who in the link (some were words some were pictures which was the case with him) was dressed as Magneto but I wanted to click on that last while not clicking on the links for Jennifer Lawrence but I ended up with a picture of her while the link sentence had nothing to do with her. I finally could not take it anymore and clicked on the Fassy link but turns out it was James McAvoy. I then screamed or said aloud where is Fassy a few times then he arrived on a hover or whatever these things are called saying relax or something like that, by that time I was actually there and I had a mix of excitement of seeing him and shame for screaming that.