I remember one dream.

I looked like Selena Gomez and I was a celebrity. I was going to surprise a fan at her birthday but the people who were with me had no idea how to get there eventhough this was planned in advance, I helped them find the way and in my head I was angry and was thinking that with the money they were paid they should be doing their job and it was not me being a brat. We were followed by the media all that time. We finally got there but late thanks to them being lost. The fan and everyone else was so happy. After a while I started to mingle with everyone else and by then I looked like me and it was more of a party with big stars. I met Michael Fassbender and we started dancing then after a while we kissed then it was a making out session and when we stopped we had to leave that party to be together so we hurried up but could not wait so without saying anything the both of us found a place without anyone there and started having sex, when we were finished we did it a second time then we went to leave to continue somewhere else.