I remember three dreams.

I was held captive by mutants. There were others there. They kept people for different types of things. They were still wondering what to do with me when I had an idea to run away. Every day at the same time for the same period of time they would go so I said to everyone when they were gone that ball we had to do is wait then and just walk the same direction as they went, when they would turn away the time they would take to arrive back home and see that we would be gone we could walk a longer distance and they could not reach us. Nobody had the courage to come with me. The next day I did it and was able to successfully do it. By the end I had reached a place and I asked for help.

I was about to do a striptease to someone who was a criminal that had to be caught. I explained the plan to someone else when everyone including the man who was sitting by himself in the middle of the room were ready. I did it and that is all I remember.

A bunch of people broke in a place. They picked the woman in charge and wanted her to speak, she refused. A woman told her that they were not joking (they were about to cut 1 of her finger off to start torturing her) and she replied I started a successful war against Bush so I will not break to these people. She got that finger cut off. The next thing I remember is her waking up in a place full of blood and bodies and body parts, alone. She hurt very badly but was alive, she was trying to get up to find help but everytime she moved it hurt so much. Then it all changed to a Disney type of adventure. The woman who had spoken to the tortured woman was a princess and she was on a Horse running away from a monster (felt like a vampire). A prince was following behind trees and right when the monster was about to catch her she got taken by the prince. The monster changed to dust then invisible when he touched the Horse which was okay. The Horse looked at the princess and prince getting away while the monster was getting back into shape and the Horse decided to follow the princess.