Hi Lisa! I have periods that I remember nothing at all then I have periods where I only remember some parts. It always depends on how much sleep I am getting. Going to bed very late and waking up very late does not help which is what I have been doing since the end of Summer last year. Even when I am tired it takes a lot of effort to close the computer (even when im not on it since closing the computer for me means soon will be bed time) then it's exercise and shower time before sleep. I am taking care of something and in late April it should be done, then I'll maybe give myself a few more days of being lazy then I will be back at a more normal schedule (going to bed and waking up at normal hours + breakfast, dinner and supper at normal hours too), I'm sure that'll help me with sleeping more and not waking up so much during the night (i used to never wake up even with loud noises).