Spent eight hours and twentysix minutes in bed. Had a good night. Remember two dreams.

I and someone else were looking for a place to stay. We did not have a lot of money so we were looking for places in nature or abandoned places to camp in (we had all the equipment for it). We (or 1 or the other person who im pretty sure was a man...i could of been too but im sure i was me) found an appartment that we would have to share with at least one person that was cheap so we went and checked it out. It was big but it was very disgusting. There was dust everywhere and the bedrooms were sickening. One of us said well we could like camp in here, it's disgusting and all but at least there's a roof with electricity and water. The other was not too happy about that and said that the person who showed the place even looked like a psychopath (i think it was said just to get the other person to not like that place).

A neighbor of mine came to visit with her dog. When we were all in the house she learned that a friend of hers was dead. The next thing I know (i thik before i offered her to go there in her place...i think it was all a strange happening...the events surrounding his death was...he maybe was not dead...i dont remember too much of this...even forgot it for a while) I am in a car with a child and Robin Thicke. We ended up in a supposed big city that was not that far from my city. There were many house to sell there and at least one looked to be not high priced (beautiful big houses too BUT they were all so close to each others) that one looked to be in need of a lot of renovations and there were signs on it that made us think it was a low price, almost given away but again the renovations would end up probably costing a lot (i think i remember having lots of spider webs too). As far as stores goes there was just two, a flea market and a grocery store. The flea market was stupid but the grocery store was IGA which is my favorite. We ended up there and when I saw products I love that are not sold here I would put in his shopping cart and say that I would pay him after. I did not have the money on me but my plan was to use my Mastercard and to pay it when the bill came and to have the air miles (i think i explained that to someone else...its like someone else appeared in my mind...or it was just myself remembering i did not have the money).