I haven't had a dream like this in awhile so I'll pop on here and post it. Someone may find worldly relevance to it.

It had 3 parts to it/chapters.

The first part I was at a place called Buckingham Palace. There are a lot of palaces, I know, but at this one, there was either a ball or concert and I was in the audience/invite crowd. A lot of younger people were there.

The entertainment was decent, people enjoyed it. It was like a rock concert, sort of, but lite. The obamas were there. They may have been sponsoring it.

Michele Obama, at the end, came out. Everyone was having a great time until she did something. She came down some stairs in a glittery gown and maybe a crown on her head???

The crowd was silent at first and wide-eyed. But she did this thing. She re-enacted something Lady Di was known for or at the end of the concert went through a private gate known to be Lady Di's or something. All I know is the gown and some type of bars on this gate, a doorway, of the palace that lead somewhere. She was expecting a photo op. Instead the entire crowd booed, over and over. She ran back inside and slid to the floor, like she'd been found out.

2nd part: From the boos, people were upset she had been taking their money some way. These were people that, well, like students. They supplemented their school expenses w/debit cards or EBT cards. At firs it was great for them, but little by little they received less and less and the remainders of their grants or bills (not sure what they're called these days) took longer and longer for them to get back. She was using the funds or taking the funds and they were going into an account of hers - it affected more than just students.

3rd part. People got sick of the GV working hourly wages and being broke. They took matters into their own hands and began making things. Though they do that now, they began doing it on a larger scale and charging reasonably and ended up being millions of small businesses.

One person had a plant inside a candle so you could see the roots grow in a layer underneath. There was a spout for plant food. It was very creative and meditative.

But employees ALSO began taking matters into their own hands. They just got sick of everything, but for a kind face. After a while it took off and employees began giving more and more in effort and free things. For instance, say you bought 2-4 bottles of wine. Instead of wrapping the wine as usual, in paper and plastic bags, they went and got you one of those fabric bags you have to buy and just gave it to you, among other things, like not charging you for food. They began calling the shots.

At the end of the dream, it took OFF!!! The people began flocking to these types of stores. So, just as the employees were going to be reprimanded, the numbers showed a different story and other stores began following suit smile

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