O.k., Jana, I read a post somewhere here asking about Lucid dreaming. Guess what I did grin

I was actually trying this time, because you asked for suggestions. I thought if I do what I do, I could offer a few. I stopped teaching it awhile back. Mine come mostly naturally, but when I need extra "info" help, etc. I'll double time it.

So, I had insomnia big time trying to remember how to do it. I had my mask on, ear-plugs, you name it. You can walk in the room and I'll open my eyes. All you have to do is stare at me, lol. My roommate put it to the test, so I'm positive.

Anyway, one technique (if you really want lucid dreaming) for me anyway, this is what I do: I have no distractions, no noise, but for a fan or drumming. I also utilize prayer and Guides - those are pretty much anyone we have a connection to.

I establish only enlightened, light-workers (please) and I begin with presenting in my mind what Vase would I look like. Once I get that image, I'm inside and I wait for images.

So on the 15th morning, recently, I put this into practice before I posted. There was another post I put on here about a Zoo. While we were there, physically, I saw a poster: "Party Animals." It was so just cute. I wanted to look into it but forgot on the way out of the park because we pretty much closed it down.

So, I induce the lucid dream tech. and I'm in a crowd (I've agoraphobia for reasons not acknowledged by science - TME :too much energy) but I make do. Anywho, there are lights but they're dim as well, so I'm in a dimly lit place with SOME lights. I'm watching my weight for summer & in general, low carb stuff and I see all this food. Tables and tables of it.

I resist in the dream, but the portions are small, like taster samples. I go for a pancake type thing. It was folded over, like flam brulee (sp). It had an orange taste to it. From there I tasted sauteed pork, vegetables and something carmelized.

Well my husband wants to go back to the Zoo in Fort Worth here the day after he gets off work. So I looked up the page and on the front was the poster I'd seen, "Party Animals." It's simply a party at the zoo. I didn't know it was yesterday nor what it was. I just found it out today.

It's discounted for members and you can taste, like a food festival, all of the local restaurants around the area. I'm definately a foodie. I cook and pair wines and cheese all the time. Some how some way, I got the experience w/out the cover charge wink

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