I remember one dream.

My parents kept buying then renovating and selling house. The first time was a shock because it was the house in Ste-Florence (looked different in the dream) and they were able to get 20000$ for it. The next house was in a big city, it was big and they had put all the money from the other house plus more in it and the first offer was 80000$ they accepted it (they had sent me somewhere where they bought and sold anything with a sign - a young woman was there and i told her about the sign that had the same amount of all the letters and numbers so to be able to write anything - i think she offered like 100$ and i accepted - this is where they told me about the amount of money they had sold the house - at first by phone then they were there - i kept looking at the young woman rolling my eyes then i told her how crazy this all was and she too could not believe her ears - then mom said that we all had to be out by a day [she told me - thursday or tuesday i think] and i said are you kidding me and she said no). Then the next house was a beautiful small one, it was in the middle of nowhere but the nearest towns and neighbors were not that far, plus the amount it was bought at I knew that if they would stop it we could all live there comfortably. I called someone who painted before we moved and his price was very low (20$ per each layers). I told them that while they were sitting around a table and I said with that price and the small amount of rooms we have in that house it will cost barely nothing and like that we could have that new house all painted and ready before we moved there. They both looked at each others like I was insane to just think about it and I then said well sure let's do this your way move in and put furniture everywhere and like in a few years mom would still be very sick and not have done half of it. This is when mom started to cry saying that she should get insurance before dying.