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I dreamed I was walking with a group of 5 females, we were good friends and laughing while on a short weekend getaway. I felt soooooo happy. I woke up smiling.

I think I know what this one means, but please interpret. Thank you

Mary Ann

Hi Mary Ann,

What a pleasant dream! While we often think that our dreams are prophetic as in foretelling the coming future, it isn't always the case. However, they do reflect our fears and desires.

The symbols in your dream (five females, good friends, laughing, weekend getaway, feeling happy) are all very positive. It will be a good thing for you to engage all of your five senses in relishing life (for example, taking care to appreciate the fragrance of a flower, inhale fresh air, gaze at beautiful things, savor flavors). Dreaming of friends often signals coming positive times or news.

Dreaming of a getaway tells you to do just that: take time out for a mini-escape from your waking life stresses. Your mind is telling you what you need, what your body is yearning for.

Laughing in your dream underscores your need to be unburdened from waking life stresses.

Perhaps you yearn for trusted, comfortable friendships. If you do have them in your waking life, be sure not to take them for granted. Set aside time to nurture them. This is not a luxury for you but a necessity, as serious as taking medicine for an ailment.

Positive social connections, laughter, getaways are incredibly healing. But don't wait until you are feeling beaten down before you reach for the elixir. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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