Spent less than nine hours in bed. Had a very bad night. Remember one dream.

I was in Fast and Furious. I went on a mission with Paul Walker. It was old abandoned (looked like it anyway) warehouses. We went and meet a group of criminals outside surrounded by warehouses. He had a pack of gum with one that was wired to be a bomb. When he saw that it would not end well he took it out, there was three gums in that pack, he offered some to them and two took some. He started chewing the remaining one and it did not explode, he realised the bomb was in the other pack of gum he had. The criminals looked at him like he was nuts because he threw that gum on the ground like it was a grenade. So he said okay let's not fool around anymore and he put his arms in the air and said I'm just going for another pack of gum and he took it out. While he was explaining a criminal plan or a criminal deal he took a few gums and started chewing them. All went badly before he was able to use that gun. We were able to go into our car but were qquickly surrounded, they were shooting at us (we tried to getaway and ended up in a rack of clothes..we could not get away because we were stuck there and they were in front of us shooting). We were trying to hide as best as we could inside the car. Vin Diesel appeared and saved us, me and him ended up running in a warehouse. I found a puppy that was mine, I and the puppy were very happy and I took him in my arms. Then we entered a room and it was me and my parents in a store, I still had the puppy. I was looking for one Elmo item, I asked my parents to look for it (described it...it was a 1 time bubble bath). They found one but it was black. I took it but I really wanted the red. I saw one earlier but I could not find it anywhere anymore.