I remember two dreams.

I (did not look like myself) came back home (the house was huge) and it felt really weird. I heard something strange at one point and then one of my favorite album started playing by itself. I was very scared but checked it out anyway and I was trying to find a reason why it had happened. Then I felt an evil presence and I started to run away from there and when I ended up outside someone was there and I asked him for help, it was someone who his job was to get rid of demons, the demon or one of the demons inside my house had followed me outside and he put it back inside (he was very scared and almost ran away). I was looking inside and saw that a demon who looked like a woman had one of my two sisters (only had 1 brother in real life) and I screamed for them both, the one I could see was unconscious and floating in the air with the demon. The demon started to rape my sister with fingers an I screamed no before it happened. Then both my sisters while still unconscious were stripped naked then put on sex machines, one woke up and she tried to wake up the other and the woman demon asked her to start moving like she was enjoying it and she tried but it hurt a lot.

Me and my parents were shopping. I was looking for a Winter coat that can become other coats (with zippers and the outter layer taken apart from the other layer). I was of course thinking of the one I had before the fire but they did not have one like that. They had two and one was not exactly like that and the other was not to my liking.