Spent less than eleven hours in bed. Had a good night. Remember one dream.

I was living with two roomates who were both women. One night we were getting ready to go out. We went somewhere who had a restaurant and a club. My roomates wanted to eat but I said I would be at the bar. Then I went to go see them after looking everywhere and told them I had found a nice looking man and that I was taking him home, they wanted to see him and I told them that he was somewhere. When I was near the exit where the doors are I ended up talking to a man I had seen at the bar, he was ice but not gorgeous. When I was debating inside my head to take him home or not I ended up with a woman. She looked around a little and when she started undressing while we were still not in my room I told her it was my first time with a woman. We started kissing and then I looked at her body.