I remember two dreams.

All I remember is that it had to do with the Moon and that I went there.

There were zombies everywhere. I had made a nice place for myself in a huge house. I did not need anything because I had everything needed to survive and to be comfortable. I also had made a different set of pathways to get away in case zombies would invade where I was living. When I was in bed I heard them entering my house, I got up, waited until they were near my door and closed it, it was a huge door that I locked. Without freaking out I took my four musketeers and put them in a backpack ready with some surviving things in case I could not make it to the place where there were more things to take before getting out. I opened a door that was hidden in a wall, there there was a lot of hidden hallways full of junk and many rooms also full of junk. In one of them along with the junk there were things ready for me to take and get away. I again taking my time got nicer clothes, a bigger backpack with more things in it and added my four musketeers before safely making it out to another place I had set up far away from there.