I remember one dream.

That dream was weird and it left me scared and feeling weird when I woke up from it! I was with someone in what we thought was a bathroom of a subway, I was doing something with the garbage bin that was on the wall when the man I was with yelled look out, Suddendly we were on the track and a subway was coming fast. Another man appeared out of nowhere to help me by jumping on me and grabbing me to get me out of the way, we ended up on the other side of the subway track but I did not see that man coming and since the man who yelled look out was so scared I thought that what was on me was some kind of monster or something (it was like an half joke when we were in the bathroom that we were looking for an alien or something) that I took an hold of what the man who I did not know was a man very fast and by panicking and he ended up losing a leg because of this by getting it by the subway who was going by us fast. The next thing is me having lots of conscience problems with what I did and watching on television that man in a Golf tournament, he was doing fine until he was remained of his missing leg and then he just stood there and I woke up. The mood of that dream what was got me, I never had that happened in a dream before, that is why it left me scared and weird!