My dream was short last night since I spent most of the night awake. I dreamed I was back to Saint-Hubert (where i used lived) at a shopping mall (i often dream of being back to that shopping mall [it was far from my favorite] and it never looks the same when im inside but it does from the outside) and I went to my old aestheticians but they were near or in that shopping mall (they were [still are as far a s i know] on my street) and they were so happy to see me again that they game me a free massage (i was there for a facial) but while they were talking to me they became the aestheticians I have now. I think my mom was there too. I can't wait to sleep normally (my fault...i get to bed at 4 or 5 then get up at 13 or 14 so when i have to get up at a normal time im all screwed up) and have an awesome dream!