I had three dreams last night.

I do not remember the first.

The second was weird. I was a young man and I went to a restaurant (it looked like it was in the middle of nowhere..there were trees everywhere and it was the only building around) and immediately felt sad when looking at it because in the parking lot there was a beautiful black car that was left there for a long time by the owner. The owner of the car (he turned out to be David Hasselhoff) was in the restaurant so I sat near him and told him that it was stupid what he was doing to his car, he laughed and told me that I could have it. At first I was shocked but when I saw that he was serious I took the keys and went in the car. There was two roads, the right one a car was coming so I decided to take the other one (a small dirt road) and figured that the person waiting for me to go would be able to pass no problem and that I would easily be able to come back and take the correct road. I turned into Jessica Alba and the car turned into a minivan. Not soon after a man (who looked like another actor..cant remember his name...he was/is in a NCIS or something like that..he was also in Session 9) and he was asking for help in the middle of the road (his car was broken down and he had kids inside) but he was waving a gun and shooting it so I told myself that he was crazy and passed by but when I saw the kids inside the car I stopped. I told them that I would come back soon for them, that I had to be somewhere that was close for something important. I arrived in my old house and was sitting on my water bed (got rid of it years before moving) and soon I had to hurry up and decide which teddy bear to bring (i said hi to 2 that i got rid of after moving here), at first I picked my favorites and the two that were in the bed but all the others were in a closet so I picked them all, threw them in the bed and used the comforter to bring them all in the car. Then I was up in a hill and could see my car was stolen (there was a road at the bottom) so I fired a gun at the car yelling (the kids and the other man knew what was happening..i could see their reactions but i dont think they were there) and then I was in the car with bullet holes, the teddy bears at the back, the two kids in the middle and me and the man in front. Then we were trying to survive, it made me think of the television show based on a Stephen King story (where some people wake up in a plane and there are things eating Earth and most people have disappeared).

The last dream I was in a huge plane excited because I was about to skydive. It was to test some stunts for a future movie, Bradley Cooper with a few other men (dont know if they were the stunt people or other actors) were looking at a screen where they could see me. So i screamed started to run and jumped screaming of joy. Bradley Cooper was impressed by me. A man was asking me to try different things and I did. Then he asked me to check two strings and they were broken but he was not worried, a moment later he told me that it was time to pull the cord and it would not open, the emergency cord too was not working. A little after I started panicking I was on the ground looking at the people seeing this and freaking out, I could see myself falling but soon after I was falling slower and the ground became a lake and I saw myself fall in the water face first.