I remember one part of a dream and a dream.

The part of the dream I only remember because Shumi was in it. I had paddoc tickets for a race and I arrived at the same time as him and his wife. I did not freak out eventhough that man is my god. I was right behind them (his wife had a short hair cut...she normally has her hair at least to the shoulders) and after they went in the doors (made of glass) would not open and the security that was sitting behind a long desk made the gesture that this was only for Formula One people and that Paddock people were elsewhere but when I showed them my ticket they went ah okay and were to let me in eventhough they just let me know it was not the right door. After that I don't recall anything. And I only saw Shumi from the back, I though that it was strange.

Then I dreamed that I was watching an old video of Taylor Dayne because I had to (X Factor i think) perform that song but that video was like new, the version was different and she had clothes for the decade after she made that video.