I remember one dream.

I was looking for an address where I had a job interview. I started in the streets then a street with lots of stores and restaurants ended up where a shopping mall is and I realised it was in this. Turns out it was a Winners. I asked people in what looked to be the office of the store that I had an appointment for a job interview and where should I go for that. A woman said oh, I was trying to explain why I was early but she came out giving me papers and asked me to fill it out. She showed a pen attached to the papers and asked me (i was trying to ask or/and search for a pen during that time) if I knew how to use a pen, I said of course. Then I asked where I should fill this and I was told to go into the store and find a spot but I ended up in the office. After filling white papers with my informations I had to correctly wrote certains combinations of numbers and letters that was on a paper that I kept on my lap to pieces of small papers of different colors. When I finished I was told that they were searching a young girl and their perfect age was thirteen years old, I said well why didn't you tell me at the start. Then I said I may be thirty-eight years old but I am young at heart and I work with energy. I then explained that getting a job was life or death for me, I explained my situation with my parents and said that they were slowly killing me (i gave as an example that it was like they had a loaded gun on my head for many years and that every day they slowly pushed on the trigger).