I wanted to share another dream involving my children. They are adults now but very much a part of my daily life as they live with me.

Anyway, my son has been going through some challenges at work (he and my husband are partners in business, along with two others) and the stress has been building. He often vents me to me about his concerns.

I dreamed that he and I with two others were playing a card game. It was a new game and he explained the rules to me but did not tell me all the details of the game. So, when I played my hand, I did not play the best move that I could have. He "omitted" some important details. I called him on it and he tried to weasel out of it.

When I woke up, I knew that this dream indicated that as my son vents to me, he leaves out key information that would provide me with a more balanced view of what is really going on with the business. Because of this, my advice to him really wasn't the best. I called him on it like I did in the dream and at first, he tried to sidestep the truth but finally admitted some things.

I explained that only seeing one side or blowing things out of proportion just does not serve him. He is wasting his time getting upset over half-truths. He feels happier now after admitting that things are going much better than he sometimes claims.

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