I remember one dream.

Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) was being Batman and nobody knew it. Bane started attacking and he realised that he could not defeat him, he tried his best as Batman while maintaining Bruce Wayne's way of life. By the end his entire manor was destroyed, it happened when he was having a funeral for an old friend, someone who had been there since his birth. Alfred helped him escape. Years (or months) later when Bane and all his goons had left Gotham he came back to the ruins of his house. There were a few homeless living there and around. He went straight to where the funeral was and he started crying the moment he saw that room. Some things were still there including things that had been to the man. He gave a 2$ to the homeless man there and that man was disappointed since he looked to be rich. He picked up hair that belonged to is dear friend that had been put on clothes of his and while stroking it he was hysterically crying, crying for his old friend and crying for his house and belongings lost along with what his town was before. The people around when they saw that laughed at him.