Last night, I had many dreams and this time I remembered four in particular. The one that was most interesting to me was the one where my husband and I were in line for a ride at an amusement park. We were in the handicapped line and then moved into the regular line. I saw a very little Asian girl who had been separated from her parents but she was standing in line, intent on getting on the ride.

I was in a moral quandary over whether I should inform the authorities or take her on the ride first because she was anxiously looking forward to it. I took her with me in the front of a small car that was looked up to other cars in a tram-line while my husband got into the seat behind us.

I did tell an employee what was going on and she quietly helped us and flipped a switch on the ride that let our car separate from the rest. We careen up and down like a roller-coaster only we were no longer on any sort of track. Our car went out of the amusement park and into streets. It went behind a McDonald's in the parking lot.

By then, police were chasing us. Our car went up a ramp and high over the McDonald's and as we whooshed through the air over the police, I tried to find a way to protect the little girl from the coming crash.

Next, I was in an apartment with my son and we were eating. I was eating a barbecue sandwich but in between the slices of bread was a pair of the little girl's jeans. I said, "I'd better give this to the police as evidence that I wasn't kidnapping the little girl. I just wanted to take her on the ride first because she wanted some fun."

Okay this all must sound ridiculous, but it actually holds meaning for me.

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