I remember three dreams.

All I remember is that dad was there and also it somehow had to do (at least 1 part) with bread.

All I remember is that mom was there.

Mom had found a job and she was happy about it because it was her first job ever and she planned on all of that money aside, then almost all and then she figured it would be nice to shop with her own money. She had found nice clothes and I was helping her for her first day. Her job was a security guard which was ridiculous because of her gender, age and in that dream too she was sick and it was the same thing as in real life. I told her that I could not go with her all the way just a part and then turn back around because the Stars were playing soon. The place we were (she dressed in a shopping mall) was in the atmosphere of that game. I arrived at that game when they were losing by a lot of goals, I felt bad for them and also was angry because they were playing against the Mighty Ducks which I hate and it was in their arena (not angry at the team angry at these people [fans + team + everyone else involved with them]). I began in front of the television but it was like I was there in person, never sitting down but walking around even being on the Stars bench or maybe it was my imagination in the dream. It was very loud. Then they started counting goals and after being even they counted more goals to win it. I remember Anaheim starting to make cheap shots and me trying to talk to a referee about it which made these players angrier, their fans too were angry.